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The Portage County Safety Council
  A Forum for Workplace Safety

The Portage County Safety Council is 1 of 84 local Ohio safety councils funded by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Division of Safety and Hygiene to promote workplace safety.

Not your average safety council….

With high value for collaboration and continuous improvement, the Portage County Safety Council has continually pushed the limited of what it means to be a safety council!

Since 2013, the program has:

  • Won 8 awards being recognized by both the county and the state!
  • Become the first & only Ohio Safety Council that has produced a podcast that has published over 40 hours of original content and has been download in over 43 nations and 43 states!
  • Hosted 3 county-wide workplace health & safety expos!
  • Created 3 workplace safety & wellness turn-key campaigns!
  • Wrote & published 2 employer toolkits!

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Awards Received:

  1. Winner – 2019 BWC Canton/Cambridge Safety Council “Stand-Down” to Prevent Falls Challenge. 23.9% member participation & 10,587 individuals trained in fall protection during May 2019!
  2. Honorable Mention – 2018 Safety Council of the Year
  3. Honorable Mention – 2016 Safety Council of the Year
  4. Nominated – Celebrate Portage 2016 Best Public Health Initiative (as a part of the Portage County Workforce Health & Wellness Coalition)
  5. Winner – Celebrate Portage 2015 Best Public Health Initiative
  6. Honorable Mention – 2015 Safety Council of the Year
  7. Honorable Mention – 2014 Safety Council of the Year
  8. 2nd Place – 2013 Safety Council of the Year

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