For Sponsors (Instructions)

Your paid monthly luncheon sponsorship includes:

  • Brief Presentation: Opportunity to conduct a brief presentation from the podium about your company (3-5 minutes). This can include history, mission, overview, success stories, etc.
  • Lunch: Lunch for two representatives from your company.
  • Table: Display table to “spotlight” products, awards, materials, services, etc.
  • Marketing Materials: Opportunity to place promotional materials/give-a-ways at place settings (prior to opening) or on the registration tables (at closing).
  • Logo: Your company logo included on the meeting notice which is emailed out to all members.


  1. Logo: Please email us a logo & a link to your website for our monthly meeting notice at least 3 weeks prior to the meeting date. Please note: sending us the file late may result in it not being included in the meeting notice.
  2. Arrival: Please arrive no later than 11:00AM on the day of the luncheon. Your setup (including placing marketing materials on the tables) must be completed prior to the doors opening at 11:15AM. Please note: Failure to arrive & setup on time may disqualify some of the inclusions in the sponsorship agreement.
  3. Power Point: If you’re using a power point for your 3-5 minute presentation, please email us a file at least one week prior to the meeting date so we can have it saved on our laptop and ready for you.
  4. Marketing Materials: If placing on the member tables or a display table up front, materials must be placed no later than 11:15AM. If placing on the registration table for members to grab on the way out, they may be placed there after registration is closed and/or during closing announcements. Please DO NOT place any marketing materials in any undesignated area such as drink or dessert tables, etc.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.