[Get Outside] Disc Golf


Episode 172: Scott Campbell designed “The Grassman” disc golf course at West Branch State Park!  He called in to share about disc golf and courses throughout Portage County and NE Ohio. He’s a member of the NEO Disc Golf Alliance, check out their Facebook Group for more info. Also check out the UDISC app which has a directory of over 10,000 disc golf courses! For more information about the Portage County Safety Council, please visit our website today!

[Safety Crash Course] Machine Guarding Basics (Live)


Episode 171: This is a live recording of the 3rd of 3 Safety Crash Course – Part 2 presentations at our monthly workplace safety luncheon on March 5, 2020. The topic was Machine Guarding Basics and it was presented by Renee Onesti, Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. Click here to view the power point. For more information about the PCSC, visit PortageCountySafetyCouncil.com today!

[Get Outside] People are Friendlier at the Park!


Episode 170: Are people friendlier at the park? We think so! In this short excerpt from e156, Andrea Metzler & Jennifer White of the Portage Park District laugh with Mike about people being friendlier at the park than other places. Do you agree? Click here to listen to the full episode Please note: this episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, please adhere to social distancing guidelines as suggested.