For Virtual Speakers (Instructions)

This page was created to provide more information for our scheduled or potential virtual presenters.


  1. Platform: We use Zoom Webinar for our virtual meetings and Zoom Meeting for mastermind groups, etc. Zoom Webinar offers 3 roles (host, panelist, attendee), you will be assigned as a “panelist.” You will be sharing your screen during your presentation.
  2. Rehearsal & Meeting Prep: (a) We would like to conduct a brief rehearsal at least 2 days prior to your presentation to practice screen sharing, test sound/video, etc. (b) We ask that you log in 15 mins early (usually 10:45am) in order to resolve any potential tech issues.
  3. Presentation Duration: Presentations will be limited to 30 mins and will include an additional Q & A time up to 10 mins (see format/schedule below). Between the two segments, we ask that your total time be at least 25 mins minimum & no more that 40 mins maximum.
  4. Bio/Presentation Title: Please email us a brief bio that includes your name, title & company name. Please also email us the official title of your presentation along with a link to your company’s website.
  5. Selling Prohibited: The Ohio BWC (our funder) and our bylaws prohibit any type of selling during the presentations. With that being said, we’d happy to place a link to your website in our meeting notices as well any other media that results from your presentation (see below). A slide with your company/contact information is certainly acceptable.

Our Virtual Meeting Format & Schedule:

  • Steering Committee, sponsor & speaker(s) check-in at 10:45am (allows us to resolve any last minute tech issues)
  • Officially start virtual meeting at 11:00am (recording will begin at this time)
  • Introduction & Ohio BWC/Safety Council Updates (5-10 Mins) – Nic Coia, Ohio BWC, & Mike Thompson, PCSC Manager
  • Sponsor Presentation (5 mins max) – Meeting Sponsor
  • Speaker Presentation (30 Minutes) – Presenter
  • Question & Answers (10 Minutes) – Presenter and Moderator Panel
  • Closing Statements (5 Minutes) – Steering Committee
  • End virtual meeting no later than 12:00pm (recording will end at this time)

Multimedia Recording Notice & Information:

  1. Video Recordings: We record video each virtual meeting (webinar) and make it available to our members through an unlisted You Tube link and a password protected page on our website. Occasionally we may make the videos available to the public. Click here for an example (was our first official Zoom Meeting).
  2. Audio Recordings: We also record the audio of your presentation, take it through a rigorous editing process and publish it on our podcast. We will include your name, title and organization in the show notes along with a link to your website, LinkedIn/Facebook page, etc. Click here for an example.
  3. Power Points: We would also like to make a PDF of your power point available to our members on our website. Please note, permission is not required in order to present.
  4. Online Consent & Release Form: To give permission for all of the above, please complete this short online Consent & Release Form.

Please contact us if you have any questions not answered by this page.