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About the Portage County Safety Council Podcast:

The podcasts are available in the following formats:

  1. Interviews/Safety Chats: Safety Chats are 5-30 minute interviews or round-table discussions with local professionals in order to provide more insight and commentary into various safety & health related topics. The goal of every Safety Chat is to broaden the understanding of the listener in every topic covered.
  2. Safety Talks: Safety Talks are typically 3-5 minute monologues by local professionals aimed at providing specific and straight-to-the-point information that can easily be accessed & utilized by members for activities such as tool box talks, etc.
  3. Safety Blasts: Safety Blasts are shorter, more abridged versions of our Safety Talks usually kept under within 1-2 minutes.
  4. Recorded Live: These podcasts are live recordings of our monthly safety luncheon presentations and other trainings.
  5. Community Spotlights: Community Spotlight podcasts are our way of giving back. These episodes highlight something good in the community, serve as PSA’s, or intend to connect employers to local resources that may provide work or non-work related services relevant to their employees, etc.
  6. Health Talks/Workplace Wellness:With the goal of helping to improve health & wellness, Health Talks target a general audience while Workplace Wellness episodes are aimed at workers.
  7. Bonus Features: These podcasts are featured messages that don’t fit into the above categories such as PCSC news, event announcements, member spotlights, program campaigns, etc., that may or may not be directly related to workplace safety.

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Disclaimer: Views expressed in the podcasts may not reflect the views of any affiliated or sponsoring individuals or organizations. Listeners should carefully weigh information provided and seek advice from an appropriate professional before implementing. Listener discretion is advised.