Tips to Get Outside More

Spending more time outside may be easier than you think!

We put these lists & categories together just to help spark some ideas and remind you how easy it is to actually spend more time outside as a part of your daily life!

Work Related:

  • Take your lunch break outside
  • Have your team meeting outside
  • Walk or bike to work
  • Have a walking meeting
  • Open the windows
  • Decorate office or work spaces with plants
  • Bring the outdoors in
  • Start a walking club, etc. that meets at lunch or before/after work

Individual/Personal Related:

  • Visit a local park
  • Add outdoor activities to your daily routine
  • Schedule weekly time outdoors
  • Workout outside
  • Walk your dog/Visit a dog park
  • Take a walk in the neighborhood before/after work
  • Grill for dinner
  • Volunteer
  • Go mountain biking
  • Sit around a fire pit
  • Enjoy an outdoor restaurant
  • Do your own landscaping
  • Gardening
  • Travel
  • Take the Wild Hikes Challenge

Family Related:

Group Related:

Shopping Related:

Sports/Hobby Related:

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