For Virtual Sponsors (Instructions)

This page was created to provide more information for our scheduled virtual meeting sponsors.


  1. Platform: We use Zoom Webinar for our virtual meetings and Zoom Meeting for mastermind groups, etc. Zoom Webinar offers 3 roles (host, panelist, attendee), if attending live, you will be assigned as a “panelist.” If you wish to conduct a live presentation during the virtual meeting, you will be required to share your screen during your presentation.
  2. Prerecorded Video Option: If for any reason you can’t make the virtual meeting or you would prefer not to conduct a live presentation, you may submit a video to be played during your presentation time. The video must: (a) be under the allocated presentation time for your sponsorship (b) not contain any explicit, inappropriate, controversial or political content (c) must be sent at least 7 days prior and (d) be approved by the PCSC
  3. Rehearsal & Meeting Prep: If conducting a live presentation: (a) we would like to conduct a brief rehearsal at least 2 days prior to your presentation to practice screen sharing, test sound/video, etc. (b) We ask that you log in 15 mins early (usually 10:45am) in order to resolve any potential tech issues.
  4. Logo/Link: Please email us a logo & a link to your website for our virtual meeting notice at least 3 weeks prior to the meeting date. Please note: sending us the file late may result in it not being included in the meeting notice.

Our Virtual Meeting Format & Schedule:

  • Steering Committee, speaker & sponsor check-in at 10:45am (allows us to resolve any last minute tech issues)
  • Officially start virtual meeting at 11:00am (recording will begin at this time)
  • Introduction & Ohio BWC/Safety Council Updates (5-10 Mins) – Nic Coia, Ohio BWC, & Mike Thompson, PCSC Manager
  • Sponsor Presentation (5 mins max total time including transitions/screen shares) – Meeting Sponsor
  • Speaker Presentation (30 Minutes) – Presenter
  • Question & Answers (10 Minutes) – Presenter and Moderator Panel
  • Closing Statements (5 Minutes) – Steering Committee
  • End virtual meeting no later than 12:00pm (recording will end at this time)

Multimedia Recording Notice & Information:

  1. Video Recordings: We record video each virtual meeting (webinar) and make it available to our members through an unlisted You Tube link and a password protected page on our website. Occasionally we may make the videos available to the public. Your video or live presentation will remain in the on-demand recording (unless there’s a quality or tech issue).
  2. Audio Recordings: We also record the audio of our virtual meetings in order to publish it on our podcast. We typically do not include the sponsor presentation audio for our podcast but would consider it if the content was educational in nature.
  3. Online Consent & Release Form: To give permission for all of the above, please complete this short online Consent & Release Form.

Please contact us if you have any questions not answered by this page.