Past Guests (by name)

A special thank you to all the following podcast guests who went the extra mile to help make Portage County a safer place to work!

Contributors are listed below in alphabetical order according to first name:

    1. Ali Mitchel, Health Educator, Portage County Health District
    2. Al Abel, Lifting Specialist, Mazzella Lifting Technologies
    3. Dr. Amanda Burke, Ph.D., Prevention Specialist, Townhall II
    4. Ami Gignac, Partner, Sparrow Tale
    5. Andrea Metzler, Public Engagement Coordinator, Portage Park District
    6. Ashley Baden, Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor, Coleman Professional Services
    7. Dr. Aubree Jones, D.C., Peak Family Chiropractic
    8. Becky Lehman, Director of Health Education, Portage County Combined Health District
    9. Brad Hurtig, Motivational Speaker, Brad Hurtig Safety
    10. Brenda Allen, Certified Trainer, Swift First Aid
    11. Cari Gray, Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio BWC
    12. Dave Dennison, Safety Specialist, Flaherty Sales Co (Werner Co)
    13. David DiRocco, Security Subject Matter Expert, JCI Northern Ohio Branch, Johnson Controls
    14. Debbie O’Connell, Regional Manager, 1-888-OhioComp
    15. Dianne Grote Adams, President, Safex, Inc.

    16. Dr. Don Maple, CEO, Corporate Health Testing & Safety Services, Inc.
    17. Eric Havens Irwin, Founder, Speculr
    18. Eric White, Safety Consultant, Ohio BWC
    19. Frank Hall, The Coach Hall Foundation
    20. Gabe King, Ving, llc
    21. George Nelson, EHS Manager, O-I
    22. Glenn McGinley, Director of PERRP, Ohio BWC
    23. Jason Gillette, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Iowa State University
    24. Jeff Coffee, Lieutenant, Kent Fire Department
    25. Jennifer Parmenter, Clinical Counseling Supervisor at Family & Community Services, Inc.
    26. Jennifer Stefanak, Market Well-Being Partner, Mercy Health
    27. Jennifer White, Education Program Coordinator at the Portage Park District
    28. Jim Olander, Trail Director, Cleveland Area Mountain Biking Association (CAMBA)
    29. Joe Barney, Compliance & Training Officer, The Great Lakes Construction Company
    30. John Trevelline, Park Manager, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
    31. Josh Grappy, UAS Program Coordinator, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
    32. Justin Deflumeri, Health & Safety Manager, Monogram Foods
    33. Justin Rechichar, Program Supervisor, Portage County Health District
    34. Karl Cunningham, Global Electrical Safety, Maintenance and Project Specialist, ES Squared, Inc
    35. Katie Woodhall, Workforce Development & Safety Advisor, Sparrow Tale
    36. Katy Tombaugh, Founder & CEO, Wellness Collective
    37. Kay Francis, Kay’s Keynotes
    38. Dr. Kristen Dickerson, Statewide Health, Wellness, & Special Program Manager at the Ohio Center for Occupational Safety & Health – Ohio BWC
    39. Kurt Reuhr, Executive Director, Leadership Portage County
    40. Leslee Keegan, Personal Trainer/Owner, I’m Power Fitness Center
    41. Linda F. Martin, PhD, Founder, The Soteria Society, and Department Chair for Safety Programs at Capitol Technology University
    42. Lisa J. Kelleman-McClain, CPT, Personal Trainer, Build A Body Personal Training LLC
    43. Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor, AAA East Central NEO
    44. Lynette Blasiman, Project Director, Portage County Safe Communities
    45. Mark Clendenin, Regional Business Development Manager, Ohio BWC
    46. Marquice Seward, Program Manager, Family & Community Services, Inc.
    47. Matt Mohler, Facilities Director & Safety Manager, Delta Systems
    48. Michelle Francisco, Safety Council Program Manager, Ohio BWC
    49. Mike Thompson, Manager, Portage County Safety Council
    50. Mindy Gusz, BSN, RN, CCE, Community Outreach Coordinator, University Hospitals Portage Medical Center
    51. Natalie Menke, Vector Control SeasonaDr. l Worker, Portage County Health District
    52. Nicholas Coia, Industrial Safety Consultant, Ohio BWC
    53. Pat McCon, Risk Consultant, PCSC  Steering Committee Member, Board Member-Portage Play & Learn School
    54. Renee Onesti, Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Kent Elastomer Products, Inc
    55. Rich McElhaney, Health & Safety Keynote Speaker
    56. Rick Maj, Industrial Hygienist, Ohio BWC
    57. Robert Campbell, Safety Coordinator, Viking Forge Corporation
    58. Ryan Shackelford, EMA Director, Portage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (PC OHS/EM)
    59. Sarah Ghezzi, CSP, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio BWC
    60. Scott Campbell, Disc Golf Course Designer, The Grassman at West Branch State Park
    61. Shelly McCullough, Regional Sales Manager, Swift First Aid
    62. Stephen Francis, President & Lead Strategist at Franchise D & I Solutions
    63. Steven Ludwig, Manager-Global Marketing Programs, Rockwell Automation

    64. Susan Forgacs, Public Health Nurse, Portage County Health District
    65. Tanya Miller, Director, Anti-Virus Youth Education
    66. Theodore Russell, BSPH, Vector Control Seasonal Worker, Portage County Health District
    67. Thom Fladung, Managing Partner, Hennes Communications
    68. Todd Peetz, Director, Portage County Regional Planning Commission
    69. Tony DeAscentis, CEO, Ving, llc
    70. Traci Larlham, Director of Housing Services, Family & Community Services, Inc.
    71. Twilla Watson, Human Resources Manager, Hess Print Solutions
    72. Dr. Tyler Munn, Munn Chiropractic
    73. Vince Stropko, Approved Auto Repair Rep, AAA East Central NEO
    74. Victor Rossi, Owner & Lead Trainer, Job Safety First LLC