Attendance Spreadsheet

For your convenience, we have created an Attendance Spreadsheet so rebate eligible members can see how close they are to fulfilling the required 10 monthly meeting attendance credits.

Click here to view the FY23 Attendance Spreadsheet.

*Last updated on 3/3/23


  • For Rebate Eligible Members Only: The Attendance Spreadsheet only shows the attendance of rebate eligible members. If your company is self-insured or enrolled after the July 31st deadline, it may not be listed.
  • External Training Credits: Rebate eligible members can use up to two external training credits to attain the 10 minimum. For more information on ETCs, click here.
  • Disclaimer: Members are responsible for keeping track of their own attendance in order to fulfill the rebate attendance requirements. If you think there is an error on the spreadsheet, please contact us ASAP. The Ohio BWC requires a printed name and signature on every monthly meeting sign-in sheet to qualify for credit.