Cart Safety: Oct 2021 Safety & Hygiene Corner

Question:  Our facility moves materials on carts, and I heard that the cart’s casters can affect how easy the carts are to move.  Is that true? 

Answer:  Yes!  The wrong type of casters on a cart will make it more difficult to move.  If you have carts that are difficult to move or are purchasing new carts, work with a knowledgeable vendor to assist you with selecting the correct caster and wheel combination for your specific cart, task and workplace conditions.  The following are some key points that you should be providing to your vendor:

  • The weight of the cart, load weight, and load type to determine number of casters required and wheel options. 
  • The types of surfaces the cart will traverse to optimize the wheel’s rollability and reliability.  Include concerns with potential noise (i.e. hospital) or floor debris when selecting the wheel type for your floor surfaces. 
  • The purpose of the cart, cart type, and height restrictions will need to be factored in when determining the cart’s wheel size. The size of wheel is a major factor in rollability of a cart.  Typically, a larger wheel will reduce the forces to move a cart. 
  • Review the path of travel, capacity, and space constraints to determine the requirement and location of swivel casters. 
  • Provide information for any environmental elements, such as extreme heat or wet environments, to ensure compatibility with the caster and wheel materials and bearings.   

Don’t forget about preventative maintenance!  Implement a preventative maintenance schedule per the manufacture’s specifications to keep those push/pull forces from increasing.

If you are concerned with the forces required to move your carts or you aren’t for sure if it is an injury risk, please contact your local BWC Ergonomist or request their service on-line at Ohio BWC – Request consulting services.  Ergonomist can determine if the push/pull forces pose a risk of a workplace injury and provide solutions to lower the risk.  Please remember that BWC’s safety consultation services are included in your BWC premiums.  

*Provided by the Ohio BWC safety consultants.

Machine Safety Video Recordings & Slides

PCSC Members:
We just finished up our first ever 5-week training series on Machine Safety by Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems! Nic & I thought the training was so informative and valuable that we decided to make it public and available to everyone.

If you haven’t already, I encourage all of our members in manufacturing to engage with this training. The links to the video recordings on YouTube and to the slides are listed below.

  1. September 1, 2021 – Machine Safety Part 1: Societal Demands for Safety & Productivity. In this first of a 5-part series, Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems, presents on societal and economic forces driving safety, the 3 elements of safety maturity and justifying & proving the return on investment of safety and productivity. (1:05:53) Power Point
  2. September 8, 2021 – Machine Safety Part 2: Regulatory Compliance & Risk Assessments. In this second session of a 5-part series, Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems, presents on regulatory compliance (laws and standards) and risk assessments. (1:05:06) Power Point.
  3. September 15, 2021 – Machine Safety Part 3: Risk Reduction Methods, Technologies and Techniques. In this third session of a 5-part series, Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems, presents on risk reduction methods, technologies and techniques. (57:02) Power Point.
  4. September 22, 2021 – Machine Safety Part 4: Engineered Controls and Safety Circuits. In this fourth session of a 5-part series, Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems, presents on engineered controls and safety circuits. (1:00:46) Power Point.
  5. September 29, 2021 – Machine Safety Part 5: Installation, Validation and Post Commissioning Management of Change. In this last of a 5-part series, Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems, presents on installation, validation and post commissioning management of change. (58:39) Power Point.

Oct 6, 2021 – Ohio Safety Council MEGA Meeting!

Join us for the first of two free webinars hosted by BWC in coordination with Ohio Safety Council sponsors!

Click here to view the official flyer that contains the access link.

Wednesday, October 6, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET
Leading from Your Heart!™

You want to achieve zero-incident culture for safety—who doesn’t? But what does it really take to
get to that point? For starters, it takes great leadership, coaching, and engagement. This inspiring
keynote, which parallels servant leadership principles, is infused with humor, and will reveal
seven contemporary and empirically based principles that will move your people from superficial
compliance to deeper and more durable forms of personal commitment to safety. You’ll leave this talk
with actionable ways to:
• Impact attitudes and actions in deeper and broader ways for three especially important types of
changes in attitudes and actions
• Turn your followers into safety leaders and champions
Develop a culture where safety is viewed as vital to the health of your organization by also experiencing
positive changes in productivity, quality, and morale.

Presented by David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP

David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP is Chief Servant Leader and Founder of David
Sarkus International Inc., a leading health and safety management
consulting and training firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David is a
motivational safety speaker who delivers keynotes, training, and consulting
in a broad variety of industries. His experience, education, and leadership
qualities have allowed him and his firm to successfully apply strategies and
tactics within a large variation of mainstream work-processes for over 30
years. His customized safety interventions have produced improvements
in key performance indicators from 35% to more than 85% over the previous year. He’s proven that
results like this are not only possible, but scalable and sustainable.

Sarkus holds Master of Science degrees in both safety management and
organizational psychology. He is a recognized leader in the practice of safety
management and has written cover stories for major industry magazines
including Professional Safety and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. He
has been recognized by ISHN as one of the “Top 50 Leaders” in the field. He
has written five books and over 100 evidence-based articles.

Sarkus works with some of the biggest and best run organizations in
the world and can help you move toward— and embrace— sustainable
excellence in safety.

At the scheduled date and time, click here to join this live event. You do not need
to pre-register.

Top 10 Most Costly Workplace Injuries 2021

Episode 217: Did you know that the top 10 disabling workplace injuries cost employers over $58 billion every year? In this episode, we cover those top 10 injuries according to Liberty Mutual Insurance’s 2021 Workplace Safety Index report and chat about what you can do to prevent them. Click here to watch the video. For more information about the PCSC, visit today!

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  1. Machine Safety Part 1: Societal Demands for Safety & Productivity. [Video] Mark Eitzman of Integrated Mill Systems, presents on societal and economic forces driving safety, the 3 elements of safety maturity and justifying & proving the return on investment of safety and productivity. A MUST SEE VIDEO FOR CEO’S & SAFETY PROS!!!
  2. New OSHA Noise Hazard Program: OSHA announced a new Regional Emphasis Program (REP) to identify, reduce, and eliminate hazards associated with exposures to high levels of noise. The program was announced on June 14, 2021, and is for OSHA Region V, which includes Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.
  3. Robot Safety Q & A: [Audio] Mark Eitzman, Safety and Project Manager at Integrated Mill Systems, answers questions after his presentation on Safety Considerations for Robots in Manufacturing. (8:33)
  4. OSHA’s Suicide Prevention Stand Down Campaign: In accordance with OSHA’s Suicide Prevention Stand Down Week, we made this video and podcast to help employer prevent suicide,
  5. Construction Suicide Prevention: Free resources to prevent suicides in the construction industry.
  6. Seat belts & Claims: September 2021 Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  7. Ohio BWC Distance Learning: September 2021.
  8. 2021 All-Hazards Conference: Oct. 1, 2021. Hosted by 3 county LEPC’s.
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  1. Statewide Safety Council Mega Meetings Announced: As mentioned earlier today and at the announcement of our FY22 program year, the Ohio BWC is hosting 2 statewide “Mega Meetings” for all Ohio safety councils. There’s no need to register for these events, just click on the link for each date on the attached flyer to access the live broadcast. Please see the flyer for more info.
  2. Free 5-Hour Machine Safety Workshop: This course will be broken up into five, 1-hour live training sessions, 11am-12pm, on Zoom Webinar, every Wednesday in September starting on the 1st, ending on the 29th. Click here for more info! You can still attend the last 3 sessions!!!
  3. Join today to level up in safety! 16 live virtual meetings with on-demand access, free access to 2 semi-annual statewide safety summits and more will be included in this year’s membership! IT’S NOT TOO LATE TOO JOIN!!!