For Speakers (Instructions)

This page was created to provide more information for our scheduled monthly safety luncheon speakers.

If you’re inquiring on how to become a speaker for one of our events, please contact us for more info.

Monthly Meeting Information:

  1. Schedule/Location Info: We meet at the Ravenna Elks (located at 776 E. Freedom St in Ravenna, OH) on the 2nd Thursday of the month (unless otherwise noted), 11:30am-1:00pm. Doors open at 11:15am, lunch starts at 11:30am, & your presentation starts around 12:00pm.
  2. Speaker Arrival: We ask that speakers arrive between 11:00am-11:15am to complete a quick run through to make sure everything is working properly.
  3. Duration: You’ll have up to 50 minutes to present including time for Q&A. Please note: we have to meet a 30-minute minimum required by our funder (Ohio BWC).
  4. Tech Info: We’ll have a laptop, wireless handheld mic and a projector ready for you. If using a power point, please email us a copy at least a week ahead of the event so we can have it saved & ready for you. Please bring a backup on a USB. If you have a clicker you would like to use, feel free to bring it.
  5. Presentation Title & Professional Bio: Please email us your presentation title, a brief blurb or description (can be bullet points), a brief bio (2-3 sentences is fine) highlighting your background or credentials 60 days prior to the event. We will use this information in our monthly meeting notifications that we send out to all our members.
  6. Attendance/Demographics: Our target audience is member employers. We typically get around 80 attendees representing multiple industries including but not limited to manufacturing, transportation, schools, healthcare, government & social service agencies. Attendees can also represent various positions & backgrounds but we typically see a lot of safety managers & human resource managers.
  7. Handouts: If you would like to handout marketing materials we would be happy to place them on the registration tables for people to grab on the way out. If you have training materials that go along with your presentation, we would be happy to place them on the tables or place mats for you. Please let us know in advanced.
  8. Post-Presentation Podcast Interview: We ask all of our speakers to do an audio recorded post-presentation interview for our workplace safety podcast. This is optional (not required to be a speaker) but we will happily link to your business website, etc. in the show notes. It’s a great way to promote workplace safety as well as your products or services! Don’t worry, we’ll edit our the errors! 🙂 Click here for a sample post-presentation interview. Click here to complete the Podcast Consent & Release Form.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the above information, please feel free to contact us for more info.