Projects & Publications

In addition to the monthly workplace safety luncheons the Portage County Safety Council is actively involved in multiple projects that are not only aimed at improving workplace safety but also benefiting the local community as well!


  1. Portage County Safety Council Podcast: The Portage County Safety Podcast is a monthly podcast series aimed at helping member companies & local employers improve their safety programs, outcomes, and general understanding of related topics. Every week local safety & health-related professionals share their expertise with listeners.
  2. Why I Stay Safe Campaign: The Why I Stay Safe Campaign is aimed at helping employers to better connect their safety message to their employees by making it more personal. This project provides key insight and campaign resources that make implementing such a campaign simple and easy to do.
  3. Healthy Workers are Safer Workers Campaign: The Healthy Workers are Safer Workers Campaign was created to help employers reduce workplace injuries by promoting worker health & wellness! This projects contains links to free campaign tools and relevant workplace wellness resources to help your company promote & improve worker health!
  4. Portage County Workforce Health & Wellness Coalition: This project is made up of several local agencies, schools, and businesses collaborating in order to promote employer-based health & wellness programs and to improve the overall health of Portage County workers.
  5. Safety Education Fund: Generated through 50/50 drawings at our monthly luncheons, this project provides funding for various safety training opportunities throughout the year, typically offered to employees of member companies for free or at a discount rate.


  1. Why I Stay Safe Employer Toolkit: This 8-page toolkit was created to support the Why I Stay Safe Campaign mentioned above. It provides an overview of how the campaign came about and how employers can implement it at their facility. It also provide links to other free campaign resources such as a poster, flyer and several graphics. Click here to download your free copy today!
  2. Engaging Your Workforce in Wellness: In collaboration with the Portage County Workforce Health & Wellness Coalition, Engaging Your Workforce in Wellness is a 24-page toolkit promoting the benefits of employee health & wellness programs and providing employers with evidence-based strategies on how to implement or improve them. Click here to download your free copy today!