Places to Go

Portage County & NE Ohio is not only a great place to work but its also a great place to live!

We are blessed with great parks throughout the region. The list below was created to highlight some of the more popular parks in our area. Its not an exhaustive list but will help you get started and hopefully inspire you to GET OUTSIDE IN 2020!

Towners Woods - 300

For a fun way to discover great parks in Portage County, take the Wild Hikes Challenge by the Portage Park District!

Please be safe at these parks and on these trails. Please adhere to park rules social distancing guidelines as suggested.

Parks/Trails in Portage County

  1. Berlin Lake Trail – Deerfield, OH* Video
  2. Dix Park – Ravenna, OH* Video
  3. Headwaters Trail – Garrettsville to Mantua, OH*
  4. Morgan Park – Ravenna, OH*
  5. Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park – Nelson Township, OH Podcast
  6. Portage Hike & Bike Trail – Ravenna to Kent, OH*
  7. Red Fox River Access – Shalersville, OH*
  8. Seneca Ponds Park – Streetsboro, OH* Video
  9. Shaw Woods – Ravenna, OH* Video
  10. Sunny Lake – Aurora, OH
  11. Towner’s Woods Park – Kent, OH*
  12. West Branch State Park – Ravenna, OH Podcast
*Operated by the Portage Park District

For more info on parks, trails, events or local nature education, please visit the Portage Park District website. Podcast Interview

Parks just outside Portage County

Notable Parks/Sites in NE Ohio

Day/Weekend Trips

Other notable parks than can be enjoyed in a day or within a reasonable drive (from Ravenna, OH).