Community Spotlights

Community Spotlight podcasts are talks & chats intended to connect employers to local community resources that may provide work or non-work related services relevant to their employees.

To listen to any of the following Safety Chats simply click on the title of each episode below.

  1. pisode 255 – [Community Spotlight] Portage Development Board. Brad Ehrhart, President of the Portage Development Board, shares about the economic development work they’re doing and how they can help companies locate, stay & grow in Portage County! (2:56) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  2. Episode 226 – [Community Spotlight] Streetsboro is on the Rise. Mayor Glenn Broska and Coach Jim Lovejoy joined us to chat about the revitalization of the City of Streetsboro and the community coming together for the sake of legacy. (39:15) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  3. Episode 225 – [Community Spotlight] Main Street Mile in Ravenna. Chelsea Gregor of Main Street Ravenna joined us to talk about the new Main Street Mile project in Ravenna, OH. We discuss how she came up with the idea, future use and how other communities can do something similar. (13:28) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  4. Episode 209 – Shine a Light on Domestic Violence. Domestic violence happens everywhere and victims come in all ages & genders! Donya Buchanan & Amy Kelly of Safer Futures joined us to chat about domestic violence and give us a snapshot of how often it happens in the Portage County area. Click here to watch the video. (17:25) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  5. Episode 206 – Get Outside with Portage Parks! Andrea Metzler and Jennifer White of the Portage Park District, joined us on Zoom to chat about their parks and the benefits of spending time outdoors! Click here to watch the video. Click here to get a free poster today. (51:46) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  6. Episode 198 – What is Human Trafficking? Mary Kate Waggoner, Education and Outreach Committee Co-Chair of the Summit County Collaborative Against Human Trafficking (SCCAHT), joined us to answer common questions and expose myths in regards to human trafficking. Check out  or their FB page for update into. (46:12) Listen/Download via Google Drive. 
  7. Episode 187 – [Get Outside] Enjoying Fall in Portage Parks.Jennifer White of the Portage Park District joined us to chat about the best places to enjoy the beautiful fall colors in Portage County, OH! (20:10) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  8. Episode 172 – [Get Outside] Disc Golf. Scott Campbell designed “The Grassman” disc golf course at West Branch State Park!  He called in to share about disc golf and courses throughout Portage County and NE Ohio. He’s a member of the NEO Disc Golf Alliance, check out their Facebook Group for more info. Also check out the UDISC app which has a directory of over 10,000 disc golf courses! (16:15) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  9. Episode 166 – [Get Outside] Ohio Mountain Biking Trails. Did you know that you don’t have to go to Colorado to mountain bike?!?! Jim Olander, the Trail Director at the Cleveland Area Mountain Biking Association (CAMBA), joined us to demystify mountain biking and chat about trails in Portage County & throughout NE Ohio! Check out their Facebook page and/or Facebook community group! (25:41) Listen/Download Google Drive.
  10. Episode 163 – [Get Outside] Park Rx. Andrea Metzler & Jennifer White share about the Portage Park District’s Park Rx program! Also, check out their new Remote Education Programs that were launched as a result of COVID-19. This is an excerpt from e156, click here to listen to the full episode. (4:11) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  11. Episode 162 – [Get Outside] West Branch State Park. From camping, hiking & boating, to disc golf and more, West Branch State Park has something for everyone! Park Manager, John Trevelline, joined us to talk about one of Portage County’s most popular getaways! (17:50) Listen/Download Google Drive.
  12. Episode 161 – [Get Outside] Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park. John Trevelline, Park Manager, joined us to chat about the wonder of Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State Park! (12:48) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  13. Episode 159 – Overcoming Loneliness During COVID-19. According to the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration, “loneliness and social isolation can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day!” As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we asked Jennifer Parmenter, Clinical Counseling Supervisor at Family & Community Services, Inc., in Kent, OH, to call in to give us some tips on how to overcome loneliness & avoid its deadly consequences! (56:32) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  14. Episode 157 – [Get Outside] Wild Hikes Challenge. Jennifer White shares about Portage Park District’s Wild Hikes Challenge! Hike 8 parks or trails by the end of year and earn a hiking staff (1st year) and/or Wild Hikes medallion. What a fun way to explore all the great parks & trails in Portage County! (2:24) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  15. Episode 156 – [Get Outside] Portage Parks. Andrea Metzler and Jennifer White of the Portage Park District, joined us to chat about their parks, the benefits of spending time outdoors and the new Get Outside campaign with the Portage County Safety Council! Follow the links to get a free campaign poster or flyer today! (59:36) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  16. Episode 147 – [Get Outside] Dix Park in Ravenna. Jennifer White, Education Program Coordinator at the Portage Park District, takes us on a hike at Dix Park in Ravenna, OH, for her very first Walk with Jen! Click here to watch the video on You Tube. (7:23) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  17. Episode 146 – Staying Active at Home During the Lockdown. Leslee Keegan of I’m Power Fitness Center in Ravenna, OH, called in to give us tips on how to stay active at home during the COVID-19 lockdown! Check out her Facebook page for more info today! (12:31) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  18. Episode 125 – [Community Spotlight] Kent Social Services. Marquice Seward, Program Manager at Family & Community Services, Inc., joins us to chat about how Kent Social Services helps those in need this holiday season and how you can get involved! (4:33) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  19. Episode 114 – [Community Spotlight] Anti-Virus Youth Education. Anti-Virus Youth Education has positively impacted over 75 school districts and over 20,000 students! Based out of Ohio, they have completed leadership & character development workshops in 6 states, have been designated as a Best Practice by the Ohio Department of Education and their curriculum can be found in 16 nations! Director, Tanya Miller called in to chat about this exciting program making a difference around the world! Please share this episode with colleagues and friends who work in education today! (26:40) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  20. Episode 105 – [Community Spotlight] Celebrate Portage! Celebrate Portage! is on a mission “to educate and invigorate the vision for a vibrant and exciting Portage County.” Every year they host an annual awards dinner, cruise-in, volunteer day, and much more! Todd Peetz joins us to chat about this exciting community effort. (8:19) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  21. Episode 103 – [Community Spotlight] Leadership Portage County. Have you ever heard of Leadership Portage County? If not, you’ve probably heard of one of their projects! Executive Director, Kurt Reuhr, joins us to chat about this key community program. (18:04) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  22. Episode 87 – Problem Gambling Awareness at Work. March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month and Dr. Amanda Burke, Prevention Specialist at Townhall II, tells us how problem gambling can cause big problems at work, especially around the time of March Madness! (11:04) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  23. Episode 53 – [Community Spotlight] Miller Community House. Traci Larlham, Director of Housing Services at Family & Community Services, Inc., gives us an overview of Miller Community House in Kent, OH, and how it helps those in need of emergency housing in the Portage County area! (21:19) Listen/Download via Google Drive.
  24. Episode 22 – [Community Spotlight] Portage Safe Communities. Lynette Blasimen, Project Director, gives us an overview of Portage Safe Communities! (3:03) Listen/Download via Google Drive.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the podcasts may not reflect the views of any affiliated or sponsoring individuals or organizations. Listeners should carefully weigh information provided and seek advice from an appropriate professional before implementing. Listener discretion is advised.