Mental Health Awareness

Since the beginning of the pandemic, mental health issues have hit unprecedented levels in the United States. In fact, “Boston College researchers found reports of anxiety increased to 50 percent and depression to 44 percent by November 2020—rates six times higher than 2019.” Even prior to the pandemic, “The 2022 State of Mental Health in America report confirms the trend that mental health in the U.S. continued to get worse.” While at the moment it appears that the pandemic may be waning, mental health issues aren’t going away.

Understanding that, we created this Mental Health Awareness Campaign in order to help employers fight back by giving them the tools to easily promote mental health awareness and well-being to their employees.

This page contains links to free campaign tools and relevant workplace wellness resources to help your company promote & improve worker mental health!

Free Resources

  • Free Campaign Poster: Feel free to download, print and display at your workplace! The poster is 11×17 and in PDF.
  • Free Campaign Graphics: Feel free to use these in your company emails, newsletters, flyers, etc.
  • Mental Health Resource Guide: Provided by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County, this is a comprehensive guide to local mental health resources.
  • Community Resource Guide: Provided by Portage County Jobs & Family Services, this is a comprehensive guide to local community resources that includes other services such as food, housing, clothing, basic needs and emergency type services, etc.
  • Local Mental Health Fact Sheets: A list of community resources & facts sheets provided by the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Portage County.
  • Overcoming Stress Resources: Audio & video resources created by the Portage County Safety Council in order to help individuals and employers to reduce stress.

Featured Campaign Podcasts:

All of our podcast episodes are available most podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Stitcher, & TuneIn/Alexa.

  1. Mental Health Checkups. Most of us complete an annual checkup with our family doctor as a preventative measure for our physical health but how many of us do the same for our mental health? Clinical Consultant, Kelly Younkins, shares her idea of annual “mental health checkups” that could revolutionize the mental health industry! (27:02)
  2. Let’s Talk About Depression. Kelly Younkins, a Clinical Consultant and a Clinical Supervisor for Family & Community Services, Inc., joins us to talk about depression for Mental Health Awareness Month. (29:47)
  3. Let’s Talk About Anxiety. Kelly Younkins, a Clinical Consultant and a Clinical Supervisor for Family & Community Services, Inc., joined us to talk about anxiety for Mental Health Awareness Month. (30:10)
  4. Let’s Talk About PTSD. Kelly Younkins, a Clinical Consultant and a Clinical Supervisor for Family & Community Services, Inc., joined us to talk about PTSD for Mental Health Awareness Month. (37:20)
  5. Let’s Talk About Suicide. Katie Cretella, Director of Clinical Services, Trumbull County Mental Health & Recovery Board, joined us to talk about suicide for Mental Health Awareness Month. (23:30)

Other Related Podcasts:

  • Mental Health Podcasts: We continually team up with several local agencies & professionals to create several mental related related podcasts aimed at helping individuals & employer improve worker well-being. These episodes are perfect for personal, professional and organization development & improvement.
  • Workplace Wellness Podcasts: The Portage County Safety Council has teamed up with other organizations to create several workplace wellness related podcasts. These podcasts are great resources of information and are perfect for company newsletters, team meeting icebreakers or toolbox talks!
  • Health Talks: We teamed up with University Hospitals Portage Medical Center to create several podcast Health Talks to help employers promote worker health! These talks are straight to the point and are only 3-5 minutes – perfect to get health & wellness info on the go!