External Training Credit Guidelines

External Training Credits are not required but can be used to meet the 10 meeting attendance credits required each program year. Rebate eligible members may use up to two external training credits per program year.

In order to receive an external training credit a member must submit an official certificate of attendance to the Portage County Safety Council prior to June 30 every year.

Click here to view the official FY23 External Training Credit Guidelines from the Ohio BWC.

Click here for the full list of FY23 requirements.

External training may include:

  • Ohio Safety Congress – maximum of one meeting credit per event, no matter the number of sessions or days attended nor how many employer representatives in attendance.
  • Ohio BWC in-person classroom courses – maximum of one meeting credit per course.
  • Industry-specific safety training – maximum of one meeting credit per scheduled training with at least one hour of safety curriculum.
  • Seminar, conference or special event hosted by another safety council (not safety council monthly meetings).

PLEASE NOTE:  Safety training conducted at the employer’s workplace, online courses or webinars do not qualify for safety council rebate external training credit except for Ohio BWC virtual training classes (Not webinars or online classes) ***Final approval is determined by the Ohio BWC.***

Please see our blog for some local external training credit opportunities.