CEO Credit Guidelines

Guidelines for CEO credit:

  1. CEO (highest ranking authority) must attend any one Portage County Safety Council-hosted meeting or special event with a given program year (July 1 – June 30). The safety council is the ultimate authority on approving a “qualified”representative to fulfill the CEO requirement.
  2. The CEO requirement must be fulfilled at a meeting, seminar or special event hosted by the Portage County Safety Council.
  3. Where a CEO represents multiple policy numbers, his/her attendance at one meeting will fulfill the CEO requirement for all policies, but attendance credit will be given to only one policy number.


1. “What if my company does not have a CEO?”

Titles may vary based on sector but the person sent to fulfill the CEO Credit should indisputably be the highest ranking local official of that organization.

For further clarity, here are some common titles that may qualify for CEO Credit based on sector (Assuming there’s no person with the title CEO):

  • Manufacturing – Plant Manager or General Manager
  • High School/Vocational School – Superintendent
  • Non-Profit Organization – Executive Director
  • City Governments – Mayor, Council Member, or City Manager
  • County Governments – Commissioner
  • Government Agency – Administrator
  • Restaurant/Retail – Owner, Restaurant Manager, Store Manager, or General Manager
  • Construction – Owner, General Manager, or General Contractor

Please Note: Department heads such as business managers, office managers, safety managers, supervisors, and HR Managers do not qualify for CEO Credit unless there is no person with a higher rank at their local facility.

2. “What if my CEO is out of state?”

The standard for the CEO Credit is the highest ranking local official. If your CEO is not local then who in your organization has the highest rank locally? That person will qualify for the CEO Credit.

3. “What if my CEO refuses to come to a safety council meeting?”

If your CEO or highest ranking local official refuses to come to one safety council meeting at least one time per program year then your organization will not meet the minimum rebate requirements. See our Rebate Requirement Information page more info.

4. “When is the CEO Credit Deadline?”

The fiscal/program year ends every June 30. The last opportunity for CEO Credit will be at the Portage County Safety Council’s last event of the fiscal/program  year. The last monthly meeting of every fiscal/program year is typically the 2nd Thursday of June.

5. “Can we get a CEO Credit if my CEO attends Ohio Safety Congress?”

No. The CEO Credit can only be fulfilled at an event hosted by the safety council in which the employer is enrolled. In this case it would be the Portage County Safety Council.

If you have any questions that were not answered on this page, please contact the Portage County Safety Council Manager at your convenience.