Participation Spreadsheet


ATTN: FY20 Rebate Eligible Members

The Ohio BWC has modified FY20 rebate requirements due to the impact of COVID-19. Click here to view their official statement.

FY20 rebate eligible safety council members who, as of Feb. 29, 2020, had attended at least FOUR safety council meetings, will meet participation requirements.

Here’s an updated Participation Spreadsheet modified according the above criteria. If your “Total Meetings” is 4 or higher in Column K, then your company has met the FY20 participation requirements. If you think there’s an error, please contact us ASAP.

*Updated 4/21/20






Rebate eligible members can review how close they are to fulfilling the minimum rebate eligibility requirements by reviewing the Participation Spreadsheet.

Click here to review the latest updated FY20 Participation Spreadsheet.**

  • If any item on the spreadsheet is highlight in RED, it means URGENT attention is needed in order to remain rebate eligible.
  • If any item on the spreadsheet is highlight in YELLOW, it means CAUTION must be used in order to meet the minimum rebate requirements before the deadline.
  • PLEASE NOTE: It is the members responsibility to double-check the spreadsheet. All information provided is according to our records. If there is an error, please contact us ASAP!

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: As a friendly reminder, members who enroll prior to July 31 of the program year must complete the following:

  • Attend 10 safety council meetings during each program year (July 1 – June 30).*
  • Send a qualified senior-level manager to a safety council sponsored meeting (CEO or highest ranking local official).
  • Submit semiannual workplace accident reports for each calendar year.

* At least eight through the local safety council. You can get credit for up to two meetings by completing a qualified external training credit.

**Last updated for 3/31/20