April 13, 2022 – Safety Council Mega Meeting

Free webinar designed for safety and human resource professionals alike

Join safety council members across the state to learn how leaders can more effectively handle the unprecedented levels of stress and pressures in today’s workplaces. 

In her keynote presentation Now What? How to Lead by Bringing Your Human to Work, bestselling author and workplace strategist Erica Keswin will explore five ways to help your company thrive.

Prepare to bring your human to work, be confident you can manage the chaos and be ready to rock the hybrid revolution!

Additional details for this webinar, which is open to the public, are found in the attached flyer. No registration required.
Erica Keswin

Wednesday, April 13
11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST

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With special appearance by BWC Administrator/CEO Stephanie McCloud.

Oct 6, 2021 – Ohio Safety Council MEGA Meeting!

Join us for the first of two free webinars hosted by BWC in coordination with Ohio Safety Council sponsors!

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Wednesday, October 6, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET
Leading from Your Heart!™

You want to achieve zero-incident culture for safety—who doesn’t? But what does it really take to
get to that point? For starters, it takes great leadership, coaching, and engagement. This inspiring
keynote, which parallels servant leadership principles, is infused with humor, and will reveal
seven contemporary and empirically based principles that will move your people from superficial
compliance to deeper and more durable forms of personal commitment to safety. You’ll leave this talk
with actionable ways to:
• Impact attitudes and actions in deeper and broader ways for three especially important types of
changes in attitudes and actions
• Turn your followers into safety leaders and champions
Develop a culture where safety is viewed as vital to the health of your organization by also experiencing
positive changes in productivity, quality, and morale.

Presented by David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP

David J. Sarkus, MS, CSP is Chief Servant Leader and Founder of David
Sarkus International Inc., a leading health and safety management
consulting and training firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David is a
motivational safety speaker who delivers keynotes, training, and consulting
in a broad variety of industries. His experience, education, and leadership
qualities have allowed him and his firm to successfully apply strategies and
tactics within a large variation of mainstream work-processes for over 30
years. His customized safety interventions have produced improvements
in key performance indicators from 35% to more than 85% over the previous year. He’s proven that
results like this are not only possible, but scalable and sustainable.

Sarkus holds Master of Science degrees in both safety management and
organizational psychology. He is a recognized leader in the practice of safety
management and has written cover stories for major industry magazines
including Professional Safety and Industrial Safety & Hygiene News. He
has been recognized by ISHN as one of the “Top 50 Leaders” in the field. He
has written five books and over 100 evidence-based articles.

Sarkus works with some of the biggest and best run organizations in
the world and can help you move toward— and embrace— sustainable
excellence in safety.

At the scheduled date and time, click here to join this live event. You do not need
to pre-register.