[Get Outside] People are Friendlier at the Park!


Episode 170: Are people friendlier at the park? We think so! In this short excerpt from e156, Andrea Metzler & Jennifer White of the Portage Park District laugh with Mike about people being friendlier at the park than other places. Do you agree? Click here to listen to the full episode Please note: this episode was recorded prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, please adhere to social distancing guidelines as suggested.

Community Spotlight: Anti-Virus Youth Education


Episode 114: Anti-Virus Youth Education has positively impacted over 75 school districts and over 20,000 students! Based out of Ohio, they have completed leadership & character development workshops in 6 states, have been designated as a Best Practice by the Ohio Department of Education and their curriculum can be found in 16 nations! Director, Tanya Miller called in to chat about this exciting program making a difference around the world! Please share this episode with colleagues and friends who work in education today! For more information about the Portage County Safety Council, please visit our website today!

Drones: Commercial uses, Regulation and Best Practices (Live)


Episode 108: This is a live recording of our monthly workplace safety luncheon on June 13, 2019. The topic was Drones: Commercial Uses, Regulations and Best Practices and it was presented by Josh Grappy, UAS Program Coordinator, Ohio BWC.

Please note: this presentation effectively utilized many pictures & videos obviously not available in an audio format, therefore, we highly recommend attending this training in person. For more information about the Portage County Safety Council, please visit our website today!