Annual Membership Renewal Notice

Hello PCSC Members:

It’s time to renew annual memberships and prepaid lunches:

  • The annual membership dues are still only $50 per company!
  • Annual prepaid lunch packages are still only $165 per monthly representative [11 lunches @ $15 = $165 + 1 free] (optional).
FY17 is coming to an end on June 30 and FY18 will begin on July 1. FY17 Prepaid Lunch Packages will expire at our June 8th luncheon. Failure to renew annual prepaid lunch packages will result in required payment at the door starting at our July 13th luncheon.

For more info, F.A.Q.’s, or to download an invoice, please click here.

Please Note: Enrollment Forms only need to be completed by companies who are enrolling for the first time or after a 1 year or more lapse in membership.

DEADLINE IS JULY 31, 2017: Any enrollment or payment after this date will not be rebate eligible for FY18. Please see the BWC Flyer & Fact Sheet for more info.

I look forward to another year growing with you!