BWC Safety Intervention Grant: Sept 2018 Safety & Hygiene Corner

Provided by the Ohio BWC safety consultants.

I am interested in getting a BWC safety intervention grant – What are the proper steps to take and how can I get more information?

The Safety Intervention Grant Program is available to any Ohio state-fund or public employer who wishes to purchase equipment to substantially reduce or eliminate injuries and illnesses associated with a task or operation.

Private and public employers are eligible for a 3-to-1 matching grant, up to a maximum grant award of $40,000 for each eligibility cycle. This means BWC gives $3 for every $1 the employer contributes.

If you are interested in a BWC safety grant – here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check out the BWC safety grant web page
  2. Contact your BWC local service office and ask to speak with the Employer Service Specialist to request s policy review to determine eligibility.
  3. Contact your BWC local service office and as to speak with the BWC Ergonomist that is assigned to your account. Call them and set up a meeting or discuss your ideas over the phone. They will then guide you through the process of applying for the grant.

Really important: Do not purchase any item or put any money down prior to receiving funds from the BWC for the grant.  This will make the purchase ineligible.

Here you can search for best practices from the BWC Safety Intervention Grant.