JAN 28, 2021 – When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies

We’re really excited about our next meeting which will be on Thursday, January 28, 2021, 11am-12pm, on Zoom Webinar! Click here to view flyer.

This event will be our annual CEO Day!!! Please invite your CEO to attend.

When Bad Things Happen to Good Companies: Protect your Brand from Safety Mishaps, presented by Jeff Hedrich, founder, President and current Lead Brand Strategist of the Prodigal Company.

DESCRIPTION: There is no substitute for excellence in workplace safety practices, unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good companies, even those with stellar safety practices. Through leveraging tactics driven by behavioral economics and the best practices of branding, the negative impact of safety mishaps on a company’s reputation can be lessened. 

Gain practical insights into building a valued and respected brand that can act as a bulwark against undue damage from almost any crisis. Find out how you can make safety part of your branding. Hear from an expert and join in a lively conversation with colleagues across multiple industries. 

ABOUT JEFF: Jeff Hedrich is the founder and current Lead Brand Strategist of Prodigal. As a passionate and prominent speaker on various branding topics, he was the moderator of the branding panel at the first Ohio Marketing Summit, featuring brands such as Lincoln Electric and the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Jeff started his career as an award-winning writer at Cleveland magazine, and then a Senior Writer at Glazen Creative before founding Prodigal. Over the past decade, Jeff has conceived and co-developed the Brand MRI™, an innovative and efficient branding process that has been successfully engaged by more than 60 privately-held companies. Jeff also has a teenage daughter who is significantly smarter, except possibly on the subject of branding.

This training is ideal for CEO’s, HR & safety managers as well as marketing staff!

Please RSVP online no later than 12pm on Tuesday, January 26. This meeting is open to local chamber members. Feel free to invite multiple employees to attend. Attendance limited to 100 participants.