Celebrating FY21!!!

PCSC Members & Community Partners:

As most of you know, FY21 is coming to an end on June 30th and FY22 starts on July 1st. Since it was a rough year for so many due to the pandemic and it was our first year going virtual, I thought it would be encouraging to reflect & celebrate what we’ve accomplished together as a safety council.

FY21 Accomplishments (July 1, 2020-Present):

  1. Virtual Meetings: 19 meetings held on a semi-monthly basis.
  2. On-Demand Video Recordings/Training:30 videos total! Includes 11 bonus videos with over 8-hours of additional workplace safety & health content not included in our semi-monthly virtual meetings.
  3. Safety Mastermind: We were the first and only Ohio safety council to host a safety mastermind group! This small group course was made up of 6 one-hour sessions focusing on accident investigations and was well received.
  4. Podcasts: 36 episodes downloaded in 45 states & 43 nations, totaling almost 16 hours of original workplace safety, health & community content!
  5. Overcoming Stress Campaign: Published 6.5 hours of video content to help employers and employees overcome stress! Does not include audio versions published on our podcast.
  6. Get Outside Campaign: Over 700 campaign posters/flyers downloaded and 14 podcast episodes produced to help promote active lifestyles & worker health.

As you can see, we accomplished much together! Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Portage County Safety Council! Let’s continue to work to make Portage County a safer & healthier place to work and live!