January is Workplace Wellness Month

January will be our official Workplace Wellness Month!  As a part of our on-going Healthy Workers are Safer Workers Campaign, our aim is to help you promote health & wellness to your employees by providing relevant information and campaign resources.

Here’s what we’ll be offering:

  • Workplace Wellness Podcasts: We’ll be emailing out a new workplace wellness related podcast every Wednesday in January! These episodes will include interviews from local trainers such as Leslee Keagan of I’m Power Fitness Center and Chase Leonelli of Sequoia Wellness at NEOMED.
  • Live Training: The Ohio Dept of Health will be presenting at our January 13 virtual meeting on “The Impact of Prediabetes on Your Workforce.”
  • Free Campaign Resources: This page contains links to free campaign tools (such as a poster & graphics) and relevant workplace wellness resources to help your company promote & improve worker health. 
  • Engaging Your Workforce in Wellness: Engaging Your Workforce in Wellness is a 24-page toolkit promoting the benefits of employee health & wellness programs and providing employers with evidence-based strategies. 

We hope that you’ll find these free resources valuable and that you’ll help promote health & wellness with us throughout the month of January!