Fire Extinguisher Inspection: November 2018 Safety & Hygiene Corner

Provided by the Ohio BWC safety consultants.

Question: How do I correctly perform a monthly fire extinguisher inspection?

Answer: First, know this monthly inspection is mandatory via OSHA and National Fire Codes.  This inspection is commonly done inhouse by an employee.  There are a variety of items you want to inspect monthly on fire extinguishers:

  • The extinguisher is properly mounted and not blocked or covered from view.
  • The extinguisher is charged (in the green) and ready for use.
  • The tamper seal is on and is holding the pin in.
  • There isn’t any physical damage to the extinguisher.
  • Nothing is blocking the nozzle (look in it)
  • The extinguisher is full by weighing it. (mandatory for CO2)
  • The nameplate is visible when you remount the extinguisher.
  • There is a valid maintenance tag on the extinguisher that the inspector signs and dates.