March 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to our monthly newsletter for March 2020!

Our goal for the newsletter is to connect our members to relevant safety resources, all linked together in one convenient location every month. We hope you find this resource useful and valuable!

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  1. [Safety Blast] Proper Handwashing Tips. Justin Rechichar, Program Supervisor from the Portage County Health District gives us some tips on how to wash our hands properly to prevent the spread of illnesses! (2:07)
  2. [Safety Crash Course] Lockout Tagout Basics. This is a live recording of the first of four Safety Crash Course – Part 1 presentations at our monthly workplace safety luncheon on February 13, 2020. The topic was Lockout Tagout Basics and it was presented by Renee Onesti, Director of Engineering & Maintenance, Kent Elastomer Products, Inc. Click here to view the power point. (8:38)
  3. School Bus Traffic Safety. Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor for AAA East Central NEO, called in to chat about how to stay safe driving in school bus traffic! (11:01)
  4. [Safety Blast] Drive Safe on St. Patrick’s Day. Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor for AAA East Central NEO reminds us to drive safe on St. Patrick’s Day! (2:20)
  5. March’s Safety Update from the Ohio BWC Library. Each edition provides up-to-date news & safety information.
  6. Trenching Hazards: March’s Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  7. Trench Safety Resources: A new website from the Ohio BWC that provides links to trenching safety information and tips, training, and publications.
  8. PCSC Podcasts: Our podcasts are now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher & You Tube! local & relevant workplace safety information right through your phone! Subscribe today!


  1. NEXT MEETING: Thursday, April 9, 2020, 11:30am-1:00pm. The topic will be Employee Assistance Programs and it will be presented by Luci Payne & Barb Furst of IMPACT Solutions.. RSVP deadline is 12pm on Monday, April 6.
  2. 2020 Expo! The 4th biannual Portage County Workplace Health & Safety Expo will be on Friday, June 19, 2020, 8am-3pm, at Maplewood Career Center. More details coming this spring!
  3. Expo Vendor Tables Starting at $50!!! Deadline is March 31, 2020. Follow link for more details.
  4. Did You Know? The PCSC has collaborated with more 78 organizations since 2013 to help you make your company a safer & healthier place to work! Click here to see the list.


Free BWC Classes at the North Canton office that qualify for 1 ETC:

  • Hazard Communication Half-day Workshop – March 5
  • Controlling Workers’ Compensation Costs – March 18
  • Powered Industrial Trucks: Developing a Training Program Half-day Workshop – March 19 AM
  • Violence in the Workplace – March 19 PM
  • Restaurant and Food Service Safety Workshop – March 23 AM
  • Ergonomics:  Developing an Effective Process – April 1
  • Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Refresher – April 14

*Click here for ETC guidelines.


  • Monthly Meeting Power Points. We post them on our website after the presenters send them to us and give us permission to publish. If the speaker provides additional info, we’ll post it there as well.
  • External Training Credit Opportunities: We post them on our blog as outside organizations send them to us. A maximum of 2 external training credits are allowed per program year to help members earn the 10 minimum attendance credits required by the rebate. Please Note: ETC certificates of completion must be submitted by June 30 every year in order to qualify. Click here for ETC guidelines.
  • Rebate Participation Spreadsheet. Rebate eligible members can review how close they are to fulfilling the minimum rebate eligibility requirements by reviewing the Participation Spreadsheet which is typically updated on a monthly basis.
  • Rebate Fact Sheet: Have a question regarding rebate requirements? Check out this fact sheet from the Ohio BWC.