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  1. [Inspiring Safety] Morale is a Leading Indicator. Jarrod Tomassi, Safety Director at Mortenson, joined us to chat about inspiring safety and what he calls “the human interface!” In this interview he gives us a key piece. He said, “Morale is the #1 key performance indicator… in a safety culture.” We couldn’t agree more! (22:04) #2 on top 10 most downloaded PCSC podcasts!
  2. [Inspiring Safety] Celebrate Success and Leverage Autonomy & Innovation. In this episode of Inspiring Safety, we’re joined by safety pro, Drew Garverick! We met Drew at OSC19 in Columbus where he participated on a featured panel discussing safety trends. He is currently an EHS/DOT Representative at PepsiCo and serves as the Vice Chair of the Education & Training Committee for the OSC & Expo. (13:30) #6 on top 10 most downloaded PCSC podcasts!
  3. [Safety Break] I Am Because We Are! “You are only as good as the people and the community around you!” Check out this short but highly motivational safety talk by George Nelson, CSP, (4:22)
  4. Work from Home Ergonomics: October’s Safety & Hygiene Corner.
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  2. October 22, 2020 – Make an Impact on Safety with an EAP, presented by Luci Payne, Director of Client Services, and Barb Furst, Account Manager, IMPACT Solutions. Sponsored by Metis Construction Services, Inc.
  3. FY21 Membership Renewal: It’s not too late to #LevelUp in safety! Join today!