Loading Dock Fatality

A message from Steering Committee Member, Pat McCon, on 6/7/18.

Just yesterday in Findlay, OH an employee of a plastic film manufacturing plant died while working outside a loading dock.  He was crushed when a tractor-trailer backed into the dock without the driver seeing him.  It sounds like he was working on the dock leveler, but that hasn’t been confirmed.


This tragic incident points out the need to plan every job, no matter how large or small and no matter how routine.  The planning process should include a thorough, objective look at potential safety issues.

The incident has opened my eyes.  At one time I provided service to a company that serviced dock levelers.  I did safety audits on a lot of mechanics who were working on levelers, and never once noticed this potential for catastrophic injury.  (Nor did their very competent and experienced safety director, nor any of their very competent and experienced mechanics.)

Please take a few moments to contemplate where you or your customers may have similar exposures and develop preventive measures so this doesn’t happen again.