Why Workplace Wellness: December 2018 Safety & Hygiene Corner

Provided by the Ohio BWC safety consultants.

Question: Why should I bother with a Wellness Program at my Company?

Answer: There is a lot of talk recently about wellness programs in the safety world.  Especially in Ohio,since the BWC has rolled out the Better You, Better Ohio free wellness program for Ohio Employees that work in high risk industries. 

 So, a big question is: Why should a company want a wellness program?  Employees are your most important asset – so you want them healthy! Let’s review just a few other reasons you want healthier employees: 

  1. Fewer injuries and if injured they recover quicker
  2. Less absenteeism and more presenteeism – Boost Productivity!
  3. Boost morale, reduce stress, create a sense of accomplishment, reduce depression and build community at work
  4. Lower healthcare costs and good return on investment.  Studies show for every $1 spent on health intervention employees recoup $1.40 to $4.60 in avoided medical cost and productivity losses.

 These are just a few reasons and they sound pretty good!  If you are eligible, consider promoting the BWC Better You, Better Ohio free wellness program. If you are a larger company, it still makes sense.  You can also talk with your insurance carrier, they may have programs to assist you as well.