June 2020 Newsletter

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  1. Heat Stress: Warning Signs & Prevention. Joe Barney, Compliance & Training Officer from The Great Lakes Construction Co. stayed over with us to recap his presentation on how to prevent heat related illnesses & injuries at work! (7:23)
  2. Leading Through Changes at Work. Change is never easy but it is inevitable, especially in times of crisis! As non-essential businesses start to reopen, workers will be returning to some big changes. Join Mike & Nic as they discuss how to plan, lead, communicate & navigate through change. (24:18)
  3. [Safety Crash Course] HazCom & GHS Basics (Live). This is a live recording of the 2nd of 3 Safety Crash Course – Part 2 presentations at our monthly workplace safety luncheon on March 5, 2020. The topic was HazCom & GHS Basics and it was presented by Matt Mohler, Facilities Director, Delta Systems, Inc. Click here to view the power point. (18:45)
  4. [Safety Blast] Heat Stress Warning Signs, Prevention, & Remedies. Joe Barney, Compliance & Training Officer from The Great Lakes Construction Co. shares his insight on heat stress warning signs, prevention, and remedies! (2:22)
  5. June’s Safety Update from the Ohio BWC Library. Each edition provides up-to-date news & safety information.
  6. Powered Industrial Trucks Training Requirements: June’s Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  7. PCSC Podcasts: Our podcasts are now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Podbean, Stitcher & You Tube! local & relevant workplace safety information right through your phone! Subscribe today!


  1. Get Outside campaign posters (11×17) & flyers (8.5×11) by Portage Parks have been downloaded well over 450 times! Follow links to download and print your own!
  2. Event Cancellations: All PCSC events have been cancelled through June 2020.
  3. FY21 Update: We’re still waiting on the state for more info on FY21 before making any decisions. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Why Employers Should Promote Spending Time Outdoors. Research shows spending more time outdoors not only improves health but also focus, creativity & productivity! Should employers implement a #GetOutside campaign for their employees? We think so! Join Mike & Nic as they discuss this and more! For free employer related Get Outside articles, resources & campaign ideas, check out our For Employers campaign page. (15:25)
  2. Why You Should Spend More Time Outdoors. Andrea Metzler & Jennifer White of the Portage Park District, joined us to chat about the health benefits of spending time outdoors at least 120 minutes a week! This is an excerpt from e156, click here to listen to the full episode. (5:46)
  3. Park Rx. Andrea Metzler & Jennifer White share about the Portage Park District’s Park Rx program! Also, check out their new Remote Education Programs that were launched as a result of COVID-19. This is an excerpt from e156, click here to listen to the full episode. (4:11)