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  1. OSHA’s COVID-19 F.A.Q.’s
  2. 5 Ways to Shift Your Safety Culture. Ami Gignac & Katie Woodhall, Managing Partners at Sparrow Tale, joined us to chat about how to shift safety culture through management commitment, employee engagement, communication, training and consistency! (43:47)
  3. Video – COVID-19: Unmasking A Novel Pathogen. This is a live recording of our Virtual Safety Council meeting on Thursday, August 13, 2020. The topic was COVID-19: Unmasking A Novel Pathogen and it was presented by Kristen Dickerson, PhD, Statewide Health, Wellness, & Special Program Manager, OCOSH-Ohio BWC.
  4. [Inspiring Safety] Becoming an Industrial Athlete. George Nelson‘s LinkedIn videos inspired us to do an entire podcast series on #inspiring #safety! He joined us on Zoom to chat about having real conversations and how to start seeing yourself as an “industrial athlete” to ensure longevity. (15:40)
  5. August’s Safety Update from the Ohio BWC Library. Each edition provides up-to-date news & safety information.
  6. Pathways Lighting Requirements: August’s Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  7. PCSC Podcasts: Our podcasts are now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podbean, & Stitcher! Access local & relevant workplace safety information right through your phone! Subscribe today!


  1. FY21 Membership Renewal: Time to renew as we LEVEL UP IN SAFETY with our new Virtual Safety Council program! Join today!
  2. August 27, 2020 – Finding Facts, Not Faults: How to Improve Safety After an Injury, presented by Nicholas Coia, MPA, Industrial Safety Consultant Specialist, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. Sponsored by UH Portage Medical Center. Follow link to register today!
  3. Podcast Apps: Our podcasts are now available on Google Podcasts & Apple Podcasts!


  • Free webinar from UH: Suffering from Back Pain? Treat Back Pain and Get Active Again – Jeffrey Nelson, MD. Aug 13, 2020, 05:00 PM