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  1. Dealing with Others During the Holidays. Dawn Yoder of Global Priority Solutions & Tanya Miller of Anti-Virus Youth Education, joined us on Zoom and gave us some tips on how to handle people different than us during the holidays! Check out their podcast, Living Like a Leader, available on your favorite podcast apps. Please note: this is an excerpt from e193. (12:09)
  2. [Safety Talk] How to Prevent Cold Stress. What is cold stress & how can we prevent it? This episode is a great snapshot from OSHA’s Cold Stress Guide! (6:11)
  3. How to Engage Gen Z at Home & Work. Tanya Miller of Anti-Virus Youth Education and Dawn Yoder of Global Priority Solutions, joined us on Zoom to talk about how to engage with Gen Z workers & family members. As a CEO, Dawn flipped a company’s annual retention rate from 25% to 75% in one year by engaging employees better! She describes her experience starting at around 20:00. (56:54) Video
  4. [Safety Blast] Dressing Properly in Cold Weather. Here are some tips from OSHA’s Cold Stress Guide on how to dress properly in extreme cold weather! (1:58)
  5. [Safety Blast] Christmas Driving Safety Tips. Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor for AAA East Central NEO gives us some tips on how to stay safe driving for Christmas! (4:15)
  6. [Safety Blast] Driving Safe on New years. Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor for AAA East Central NEO, reminds us to drive safe when celebrating New Years! (3:59)
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  3. Overcoming Stress Resources: Audio & video resources to help you and your staff to overcome stress.
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  1. OSHA’s COVID-19 F.A.Q.’s
  2. Ohio Dept of Health COVID-19 Dashboard
  3. Portage County Health District’s COVID-19 Page
  4. CDC COVID-19 Page
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