February 2022 Newsletter

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We were invited to interview some of the top speakers to showcase their OSC22 presentations! Follow the links below to listen to each preview or listen on your favorite podcast app. Click here to learn more about Ohio Safety Congress.

  1. Driving Safety Forward with Kindness. Bryan McWhorter, Safety Advisor, Safeopedia (19:15)
  2. Are You Ready to Lead Safety Differently? Pamela Walaski, Senior Program Director, Specialty Technical Consultants Inc., (16:29)
  3. Master the Art of Conflict – for Safety’s Sake! Karen Valencic, Founder of Spiral Impact and author of The Black Belt Edition of Spiral Impact: The Power to Get It Done with Grace. (28:45)
  4. Work Fatigue and Burnout: Why Exhaustion in the Workplace is Different. Emil Kresl, Director of Learning and Development, The University of Texas at Austin.
  5. Ohio EPA’s Regulations – What You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble. Dan Sowry, Assistant Environmental Administrator, Ohio EPA. (14:35)
  6. Managers and Supervisors as EHS Leaders – Safety is Everyone’s Job. Dianne Grote Adams, President & Owner, Safex, Inc, (13:51)
  7. The Pending Labor Shortage of 2010 is Here. Now What? Tom Mobley, Assistant Professor of Organization Leadership & Human Resources at the University of Cincinnati and the owner of Mobley HR Consulting. (22:06)
  8. Maximizing Employee Engagement. Bob Bethel, VP of HR & Learning Services, The Employers’ Association. (12:46)


  1. Winter Driving Safety Tips: Article by Safex.
  2. Resolve to value safety in 2022: Article by Ohio BWC.
  3. Improving indoor ventilation ‘critical’ during cold weather, OSHA says: Article by Safety + Health Magazine.
  4. First Aid Certification Expiration: February 2022 Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  5. Ohio BWC Distance Learning: January-March 2022.
  6. Help prevent clothes dryer fires: Article by Family Safety & Health Magazine.
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  1. No PCSC Meeting in March: There will be no regularly scheduled PCSC virtual meeting in March due to OSC22.
  2. Ohio Safety Congress 2022: OSC22 will be online again this year and will take place March 9-10, 2022. Follow the link for more info.
  3. April 13, 2022 – Statewide Mega Meeting: Hosted by the Ohio BWC. You do not need to pre-register, click link to view the flyer that contains the event link.
  4. Next Virtual Meeting – April 28, 2022: Ohio EPA’s Regulations – What You Need to Know to Stay Out of Trouble,  presented by Dan Sowry, Assistant Environmental Administrator, Ohio EPA.