June 2021 Newsletter

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  1. Heat Stress: Warning Signs & Prevention. Joe Barney, Compliance & Training Officer from The Great Lakes Construction Co. stayed over with us to recap his presentation on how to prevent heat related illnesses & injuries at work! (7:23)
  2. [Safety Talk] Thunderstorms & Lightening. Here’s some safety tips from Ready.gov on what to do during thunderstorms & lightening! (3:25)
  3. [Safety Talk] Tornado Safety Tips. Here’s some safety tips from Ready.gov on how to prepare for and survive a tornado! (4:34)
  4. NSC: June is National Safety Month.
  5. Nail Gun Injuries: June 2021 Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  6. Ohio BWC Distance Learning in June 2021
  7. [Safety Culture] The Importance of Management Commitment. Ami Gignac & Katie Woodhall, Managing Partners at Sparrow Tale, chat with us about the importance of management commitment in regards to shifting safety culture! This is an excerpt from e175, click here to listen to the full interview. (5:57)
  8. PCSC Podcasts: Our podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Podbean, Stitcher, & TuneIn/Alexa! Access local & relevant workplace safety information right through your phone! Subscribe today!


  1. FY22 Renewal Notice: 16 live virtual meetings with on-demand access, free access to 2 semi-annual statewide safety summits and more will be included in this year’s membership! Renew today to LEVEL UP IN SAFETY!
  2. Celebrating FY21! Check out what we accomplished together as a safety council!


  • Shine a Light on Domestic Violence. Domestic violence happens everywhere and victims come in all ages & genders! Donya Buchanan & Amy Kelly of Safer Futures joined us to chat about domestic violence and give us a snapshot of how often it happens in the Portage County area. Click here to watch the video. (17:25)
  • Get Outside with Portage Parks in 2021! Andrea Metzler and Jennifer White of the Portage Park District met up with Mike & Nic on Zoom to chat about the health benefits of spending time outdoors. Join us as they take us on a tour through their website, highlighting some of the most popular parks and trails in Portage County, Ohio! (56:12)
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