December 2021 Newsletter

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  1. [Safety Blast] Christmas Driving Safety Tips. [Audio] Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor for AAA East Central NEO gives us some tips on how to stay safe driving for Christmas! (4:15)
  2. Finding Facts, Not Faults: How to Improve Safety After an Injury (Live). Nicholas Coia, Industrial Safety Consultant for the Ohio BWC, presents on Finding Facts, Not Faults: How to Improve Safety After an Injury. Click here to watch the video. Click here to view the slides or here for the handout mentioned. (43:16)
  3. Ladder Safety for Work & the Holidays (Live). [Video] Dave Dennison of Werner Ladders (Flaherty Sales) instructs on how properly inspect, use and dispose a ladder.
  4. Ergonomics: Challenges and Opportunities: Article by Ohio BWC.
  5. Holiday Workplace Safety: Article by Safety + Health Magazine.
  6. The 12 Days of Safety: Holiday safety poster by NSC.
  7. [Safety Blast] Driving Safe on New Years! [Audio] Lori Cook, Traffic Safety Advisor for AAA East Central NEO, reminds us to drive safe when celebrating New Years! (3:58)
  8. Anchored Machinery: December 2021 Safety & Hygiene Corner.
  9. Ohio BWC Distance Learning: December 2021.
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  1. Workplace Wellness Month: January 2022 will be our official workplace wellness month! We’ll be releasing a related podcast every week in January to help you promote health & wellness to your employees.
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